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Pillow top, cape & jacket skirt
Hollow top & chandelier skirt
Hollow dress & pillow top
Emotive sculptural silhouette Pillow
Illusion top & Chandelier skirt
Knotted wool dress
Pillow sculpture
Pillow top & hollow dress
Striped laundry dress
Tailored wool jacket skirt
Gown of jumpers


An unanswerable question.

Time stands silently still.

Monochrome grey desensitizes all surroundings.

The bed is a solitary sanctuary, enclosed and confined.

Wool blankets, pillows and bed linen become attached, carried and worn as everyday clothes.

Constructions no longer appear as they should.

Heavy layering of garments reshape and appear misplaced, confused and empty.

Hold me pillows are inseparable with cinched waist's.

Unbalanced padded blankets are wrapped and hidden in,

Tailored jackets worn as unique skirts, fitted bed sheets for luxury dresses,

stretched elasticated details capture what once was.

Its ok not to be ok.

Put the flag out,

Comfort is found in the nonconformity.

Don't be afraid to wear your emotions.

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