cunnington & sanderson mango fashion awards finalist
Mango Fashion Awards Exhibition
Mango Fashion Awards Exhibition
Mango Fashion Awards Barcelona
Mango Fashion Awards Barcelona
Mango Fashion Awards Exhibition
Mango Fashion Awards Exhibition
Mango Fashion Awards Exhibition
mango fashion awards
Mango Fashion Award 

MANGO created the MANGO Fashion Awards in order to offer a new media platform for emerging talents and offer them the opportunity to produce and market their collections.


In the 3rd Edition womenswear brand CUNNINGTON & SANDERSON were awarded one of the top ten selected brands from 100's of international designers. Jean Paul Gaultier acted as Chairman of the Jury accompanied at all times by the other members of the Jury: the fashion consultant Elio Fiorucci, the young designer Lee Jean Youn, the fashion expert Naty Abascal, the photographer Mario Sorrenti, Jean Pierre Bua and Luis Balaguer, owners of the multi-brand store Jean Piere Bua, Pascale Camart, purchasing manager of Galeries Lafayette, Marie-Cristiane Marek, fashion editor, Nieves Álvarez, fashion icon, Damián Sánchez, Managing Partner and Creative Director of MANGO, and the company Chairman, Isak Andic

The exhibition, located at the intersection of the streets Aragón and Rosellón, consisted of 20 perspex cubicles. Each cubicle contained 4 mannequins, dressed in the collections of the ten finalists. Each participant was allowed to exhibit 8 outfits, made up of the exclusive garments they had produced especially for the occasion.

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