Rest blouse & one two skirt
Promise jacket & hidden pocket skirt
Fabric fold top & secret skirt
Hail mary draped dress
Shelter shirt & Hidden Pocket skirt
Forgiven wool cape
Turn around dress
Whole Jumpsuit
Locket jumpsuit
Change direction dress
Reflect dress
Reflect dress


The Autumn Winter 2016/17 womenswear collection by British designer brand

CUNNINGTON & SANDERSON highlights the connections and feelings a person has with their home and its interior…


A home should be a place to make fond memories and feel secure.


This thought provoking and sustainable collection of designer clothing embodies the narrative and emotive symbolism within each individual garment.


Imaginative constructions appear spontaneously arranged with volumes of gathered fabric, loose threads on raw hems and unattached free forming drapery.


These asymmetric and unpredictable silhouettes formed by hand craftsmanship, tailoring, and creative cutting offer a sense of comfort, space, and freedom of movement all made in a calming and serene colour pallet