Mourning weeds

The inspiration behind this collection are from emotions & rituals we associate with mourning weeds - mourning clothes.

Contradicting elements battle at one another. Fluid drape of silk jersey is creatively cut with tailored structure. order is unexpectedly combined with chaos and silhouettes are protective as well as revealing.

Various shades of black engulf the collection evoking a sense of loss & despair. Metallic toned lift the shadows resembling a sense of hope & light.

Garments have individual personalities & characteristics. The box dress holds all the emotions locked inside its angular &rigid structure, The dislocated coat has is named because of the weighted shoulders falling forwards in frailty and deformity, & the inside out dress wears all of its seams and inner construction on the outside to be made visible for all to see.

Fabrics include lacquered woven wool, printed silk jersey, leather, silk organza and merino wool.

photography by Rafael Kroetz

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