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model portrait dress of emotions
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Cunnington & Sanderson luxury style
Occupied exhibit at Lotherton Museum
pillow top in sunlight by the window
Fashion Art Photography Exhibition
Pillow top
Pillow top & Jacket skirt
Gown of jumpers
Sweatshirt jumper dress
Knotted wool dress
Avantgarde womens fashion design


The occupied collection showcases the story of wearing the emotional burden of depression.

The heart of the narrative aims to help tackle the stigma surrounding mental health & to give hope & encouragement to others. The emotional burden of depression is broken & worn as everyday clothes, when non-conformity is celebrated & no longer hidden away.

Feeling of hope & other powerful emotions when battling this silent & dark force are draped by hand & constructed into the designs & details of the garments. Each & every creation has its own characteristics & story to tell.

The bed can be a solitary sanctuary, blankets, pillow & bed linen are attached & worn as everyday clothes. Layering of garments appear misplaced & uncared for to signify feelings of confusion & disoray, all on display for all to see. Comfort is found in nonconformity.

Do not be afraid to wear your emotions


The garment constructions are not always as they first appear. A tailored wool jacket is worn as a skirt with the sleeved used for pockets, sweatshirts are thrown on the floor & pilled together to be transformed into a gown of jumpers, & a pillow top which can be worn padded or unpadded is tailored internally & externally to give strength & comfort. The knotted dress has a large knot that ties itself around the wearer to symbolise hope & good fortune.The laundry dress has elasticated detailing & trimmings inspired from bed linen to capture emptiness & hollow volume of what once was.

Monochrome grey desensitises all surroundings, every garment in this collection is made in tones of grey.

Its ok not to be ok.

Fashion / Art direction by Cunnington & Sanderson

Photography by Rafael Kroetz

Hair & Make-up by Sabine Nania

Model by Zoe Hervava at Tune Models



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