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Cunnington & Sanderson Celebrates Diversity & Equality With High End Fashion Collaboration.

Ellie Goldstein modelling the rosette dress by Cunnington & Sanderson
Ellie Goldstein Vogue cover model at Zebedee Models wearing the rosette dress by Cunnington & Sanderson

In 2019 Cunnington & Sanderson had the amazing opportunity to collaborate with an important proposal to raise awareness of the amazing talent of the diverse models at Zebedee Management. In collaboration with Huckbody the creative consultancy in Northern England - former Editor in Chief Harpers Bazaar Australia, and the incredible renowned photographer Darren Black.

The heart of the photoshoot was to showcase the model's potential and raw talent with luxury branding and publishing. A tailored selection of independent British Fashion Designers including Cunnington & Sanderson was selected to highlight each model’s incredible character. Cunnington & Sanderson are proud to be part of this story and how our fashion collaboration celebrates diversity and equality.

The innovative & sustainable clothes designed by luxury womenswear brand Cunnington & Sanderson are all inspired by a narrative. Each garment holds within it's own emotional symbolism and craftsmanship, draped by hand making each item of clothing unique. Working with fine organic fabrics and luxurious heritage cloth responsibly and locally sourced from traditional Yorkshire Mills.

All of these timeless, thought provoking, and unique clothes by Cunnington & Sanderson are impeccably made in the UK.

This photoshoot gave the models the opportunity to tell their own personal story and to explain the importance of disability representation.

Ellie Goldstein @elliejg16_zebedeemodel

Ellie loves reading, drama and dancing, and has a confident and outgoing personality. Ellie is 18 and has Down Syndrome. Recent success has included her campaign for Gucci Beauty in Vogue Italia and gracing the cover of Elle, Glamour, Allure, Euphoria and Mission Magazine.

Ellie is wearing the black rosette dress by Cunnington & Sanderson, a zero waste garment which reduces resources and raw materials.

Bernadette Hagans @bernadettehagans

Bernadette enjoys spending time with her friends, watching movies and driving. She studied moving image arts. Bernadette is a lower leg amputee.

Photographed wearing the nest dress by Cunnington & Sanderson , a one of kind bespoke garment made in 3d woven wool.

What does disability representation mean to you?
I think it’s so important to keep raising awareness of different disabilities and how we can still live completely normal lives. So many people don’t understand that having a disability doesn’t make you any less of a person, we all deserve equality and inclusion.
Do you want to see more disability inclusion in the fashion, advertising and media world?
I definitely want to see more difference/disability inclusion in the fashion, advertising and media world because I think they are all lacking so much. Right now we have some brands pushing for diversity but I hope one day that people with a disability will be equally as considered as someone without a disability.
(Zebedee Management).

Niamh Woods @niamhalexiswoods

While studying Linguistics and Philosophy at the University of York. Niamh is passionate about the fashion industry and loves to sing, act and be part of the trampolining society at university. Niamh has Ectodermal Skin Dysplasia.

Niamh is wearing the echelon dress, a zero-waste garment by Cunnington & Sanderson.

Now is the time to make the change for diversity, education is key. To help understanding and awareness with disability visibility and the need for equality and inclusion.

Renee Bryant Mulcare @renee_valentine_

Renee is a creative and energetic individual who enjoys promoting positivity and self empowerment. She likes working out, meditation, drawing, writing, yoga and spending time with her family and friends.

Renee is 21 and has paraplegia, and is a full time wheelchair user. Wearing the gingham corn dress by Cunnington & Sanderson.


Fashion CUNNINGTON & SANDERSON @cunningtonandsanderson

Zebedee Management @zebedeetalent Creative Direction & Production by HUCKBODY @huckbody_

assisted by Laura Huckbody@huckbody24 & India Proctor @indiaproctorr

Photography by Darren Black @darren_black

Videography by Dani Lanae @calltheshots__

Post production by Chris Carr @carr4081 at Brain

Make-up by Helen Brady @helenbradymua using Illamasqua @illamasqua assisted by Monica Montalvo @monicamontalvomua

Hair by Mau Geoghegan using Sebastian Professional @sebastianpro_official assisted by Annette Gray @nettgray.

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