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Digital wearables are now available by Sustainable fashion designers Cunnington & Sanderson.

Digital pillow t-shirt dress shown on avatar in decentraland

Sustainable fashion designers Cunnington & Sanderson have always sought to be pioneers in zero waste fashion design working with eco friendly fabrics and environmentally friendly production processes.

We're currently working together with Seamm, a digital wardrobe and marketplace for virtual worlds such as Decentraland. to craft a collection that will be available in the real-world and the digital one. Reflecting our brands craftsmanship, innovation and emotive nature that's structured within our work, made with dedicated draping and creative pattern cutting to create unique silhouettes and form. It's our sincerest hope that it inspires you to embrace your own style and express yourself through fashion in every dimension.

What is a digital asset?

A digital asset’s value means it can be bought, sold, and traded with others. For example, we’re collaborating with Seamm to design apparel for avatars with our unique style. These clothes can be worn in games and metaverses - so they are considered digital assets.

What are the benefits of digital fashion?

Digital fashion is more sustainable with less waste and greater supply chain transparency, you can express your own unique personal style, and you can transfer your wardrobe to multiple games and metaverses.

Pillow t-shirt top worn by model and shown on mobile phone as a digital wearable.

The iconic pillow fashion by Cunnington & Sanderson has been featured in international press including Vogue Italia, Dansk Magazine, Kinfolk China, W magazine, contributor magazine, exhibited at numerous museums and exhibitions and presented during Milan Fashion Week. The pillow dress is a limited drop and was driven by its own narrative, and each item carries its own powerful symbolism and iconic characteristics. The pillow dress itself is imaginative and provocative. Sustainable fashion designers Cunnington & Sanderson’s philosophy is to create fashion that are zero-waste designs, evoke emotion and originality, and that are thought provoking. Proudly working closely with Luxurious heritage wools and textiles which are ethically sourced from local traditional mills in the Yorkshire countryside. All clothing is made in the United Kingdom and is intended to be cherished over a lifetime. Our limited drop can be worn in the real-world, on avatars, video games and metaverses. Be a sustainable trendsetter in all realities.

Virtual pillow dress is available to buy now

"Sustainable fashion designers Cunnington & Sanderson are known worldwide for its distinctive pillow dress, which made it the natural choice for the Seamm x Cunnington & Sanderson initial collection" Seamm.

You can discover more about our exhibitions here.

Giveaway prize of a digital pillow t-shirt top dress

Giveaway by sustainable fashion designers Cunnington & Sanderson

We are excited to announce that we are doing an exclusive giveaway for our followers. We want you to be one of the first people in the world to own an original Cunnington & Sanderson digital item.

Entering to win is simple.

  1. Join to the Cunnington & Sanderson and Seamm community.

  2. Like the giveaway post on instagram @cunningtonandsanderson

  3. Tag a friend in the comments. Each comment is a new entry.

Start date Saturday 18th February at 6.00pm GMT.

On Saturday the 25th February 2023 we will announce the lucky winner and send them a QR code to claim their digital apparel item. (Even if you don't win, our items are available to purchase on Seamm Marketplace.) Good luck. The giveaway ends at 6pm on Saturday 25th February 2023 at 6.00pm GMT. Winner will be randomly selected.

We hope you will join us on our exciting new digital fashion narrative.

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