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Cunnington & Sanderson to exhibit their Fashion Innovation at the Future Fashion Factory Showcase

Cunnington & Sanderson are excited to share the news that we will be exhibiting our luxury fashion brand at the Future Fashion Factory Showcase taking place at the Nexus building in Leeds on Friday the 30th June.

nexus building innovation and collaboration fashion event
Nexus building in Leeds Yorkshire

Celebrating innovation and sustainable developments in materials, digitalisation, product design and circular economies in the UK fashion and Textile industry.

Speakers on the day will include Tom Riordan CBE, chief executive of Leeds City Council @leedscouncil, Speakers from the British Fashion Council @britishfashioncouncil, The UK fashion and Textile Association and Innovate @ukftorg, @burberry, Innovate UK @weareinnovateuk as well as many other innovators from the fashion and textile industry.

British fashion designers cunnington & sanderson biography photograph
Matthew Cunnington & John Sanderson

Cunnington & Sanderson have structured the foundation of our brand around sustainability since the brand was founded in 2012. Designing and draping zero waste fashion to minimise fabric waste. Proudly working closely with traditional mills in Yorkshire from the beginning of their brands fashion narrative, Including Abraham Moon & Sons, Hainsworth, Linton Tweeds and J.H Clissold. These world renowned fine and luxurious textile producers are all sourced locally which also minimises our carbon footprint. Our passion is making luxury sustainable fashion which is produced in the UK. All of our unique, timeless and season less designs are made to last and to be cherished.

Occupied Look Book commissioned by Leeds Museums & Galleries for the Lotherton Hall Future Fashion Exhibition. Art Direction and Fashion by Cunnington & Sanderson Photography by Rafael Kroetz Much Sabine mania Model Zoe Herveva Tune Models.

"we are proud to say that we have woven Yorkshire wool into our contemporary fashion brand's heritage".

Contemporary wool fashion by luxury fashion brand Cunnington & Sanderson exhibited at backfield museum Yorkshire
Contemporary wool designs exhibited at Bankfield museum 18.09.21 - 05.03.22

Working closely with the community and the next generation of designers. Matthew Cunnington & John Sanderson Proudly present their unique Zero Waste Draping Workshop @no_wasted_jam to various Higher Education institutes and Universities including H.E.A.D. Geneva, University of Leeds, Sheffield Hallam University, University of Chester and Nottingham Trent University. The one day workshop aimed towards BA and MA fashion design, pattern cutting and knitwear students provides knowledge and skills to sew and construct their own unique zero waste garment which is unisex, timeless and sustainable. Including draping on the stand, creating a zero waste garment pattern, and recording their process for their future studies.

"Cunnington & Sanderson strive to find new innovative ways of communicating our sustainable fashion narrative - from printing educational messages, like the word ZERO on the front of a dress to represent its zero - waste design and structure, recycling preloved clothing, reusing old stock fabric and reducing fast fashion, or creating virtual wardrobes which are available to wear in multiple Universes."

Fashion Innovation

Cunnington & Sanderson have some exciting news to share. Our collaboration with SEAMM is going from strength to strength. With the popularity of Digital fashion on the rise the iconic pillow dress was digitalised in 2022 to be worn by avatars in multiple universes and now the emotive garment designed to raise mental health awareness will now be presented with a digital twin. Exhibited with a unique QR code the user will be rewarded with a digital twin pillow dress for their digital wardrobe. The user will be able to try all of the functions in the app, such as customisation, AR try-ons or transfers to Metaverse. With thanks to SEAMM there will also be on display a premier video highlighting the magical digital purchase process.

pillow dress organic cotton digital twin fashion metaverse wearable virtual worlds
Pillow dress now available as digital twin in multiple metaverses

Future Fashion

We are thrilled to announce our latest collaboration with MADEBY - Cunnington & Sanderson Madeby profile

Madeby verify our sustainability claims which provides our customers with the confidence that our sustainable information is correct. Madeby empower brands to share information about the impact of their products on people, animals and planet. These are grouped in 6 categories: Environment, Animal Ethics, Labour, Community, Innovation & Technology, Responsible Consumption -

"Choose a proven positive impact, whichever matters to you the most. Madeby gives you sustainability claims you can trust." Madeby

We hope to see you at the Nexus building on Friday to talk innovation, collaboration and sustainability.

Please get in touch with us for any further information at -

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