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Start Your Engines... Northern Star Le Fil is on the new RuPauls Drag Race UK Season 4.

RuPauls Drag Race UK star Le fil wearing the pillow dress by Cunnington & Sanderson at the BBC.

Season 4 of RuPaul's Drag Race UK aired last night on the 22nd September 2022 at 9:00pm on BBC Three. If you didn't watch it then where the heck where you? Ok so let me Le Fil you in.

The legendary & truly inspiring show Ru Pauls Drag Race UK is hosted by the iconic RuPaul and panel Michelle Visage, Graham Norton, and special guest Dame Joanna Lumley. With a cast of 12 fabulous drag queens including the northern star - Le Fil, @iamlefil - a British-Chinese multidisciplinary artist, singer, and performer from Brighouse in Yorkshire. The other contestants are @bby.ldn @iamblackpeppa @cheddar_gorgeous @coppertoppqueen @dakota.schiffer @thedannybeard @jonbersblonde @justmaydoes @pixiepolite @smintydrop & @itsscarlet.

RuPauls Drag Race UK BBC three season 4.

Cunnington & Sanderson the innovative and sustainable fashion brand are also based in Yorkshire and also share the same vision on supporting equality, diversity, and creativity. Le Fil is an activist and voice of LGBTQ+ rights who explores gender & identity and so it was a perfect match for Cunnington & Sanderson to collaborate with.

The picture below is Le Fil at The BBC on the 21st of September for the preview screening of the premier episode ofRupauls Drag Race UK season 4 wearing the pillow dress by Cunnington & Sanderson.

Star celebrity Le Fil wearing the pillow top by Cunnington & Sanderson

The pillow dress designed in 2018 by Cunnington & Sanderson was the key inspirational piece for the whole collection entitled "Occupied'. Emotionally charged this thought provoking and conceptual garment tells the story of feelings associated with depression. Depression can be a lonely place where the bedroom becomes a solitary sanctuary and all consuming. Bedding, pillows, and sheets are worn as everyday clothes. By the act of wearing this intricately tailored and sculptured pillow garment crafted to look effortless attached to the wearer, fears are being faced by showing the world your burden and no longer hiding away. This emotive wearable art piece dedicated to providing optimism also provides the wearer with comfort and support.

Believers in promoting non-conformity Cunnington & Sanderson started the #wearemotionchallenge . By being creative with fashion and posting on social media it is possible to start a conversation about feelings and support others by showing them that they are not alone. This community focussed challenge has contributed towards fundraising for charities including the Samaritans, Mind, and the Mental Health Association.

"Now is the time to Wear Your Emotions".
RuPauls Drag Race UK Star Le Fil wears the pillow dress at The BBC.

Pictures above for Lotherton Hall Museum where the pillow Dress was acquired by Leeds Museums & Galleries for their archives. Creative direction and pillow dress by Cunnington & Sanderson, Photography Rafael Kroetz, Model Zoe Herveva at Tune Models, Hair & Make up Sabine Mania.

Le Fil at The BBC premiere of RPDRUK and the organic cotton, one size fits all, genderless Pillow T-shirt by Cunnington & Sanderson.

We wish Le Fil and all the other amazing and inspirational drag queens all the very best for the rest of the season and we can't wait for the next episode. So tune in, join the party and support these outstanding individuals because they are all true stars making herstory.

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