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The Pillow Narrative

A pillow t-shirt by cunnington & sanderson for the pillow narrative which aims to raise mental health awareness
The Pillow T-shirt by Cunnington & Sanderson

The heartfelt and meaningful story is about to begin...

Cunnington & Sanderson have written the beginning to a heartfelt and meaningful narrative and have now started to invite creative people from around the world to write and include their own chapter, and become story tellers in this worthy cause. The aim of the pillow narrative is to raise mental health awareness and to encourage people to talk about emotions.

The thought provoking pillow t-shirt designed by Cunnington & Sanderson in 2019 (years before the viral pillow challenge took over social media) will be the emotionally charged garment to ignite the story teller's imagination.

The story teller's who are taking part are located around the world including London, South Africa, Paris, Milan, Greece, Switzerland, Los Angeles and Germany. These kind & supportive creative's will be contributing with their own heartfelt stories in what ever form they wish including film, styling, make up, acting, photography, art, to name a few.

Poor mental health can effect us all, the NHS states 1 in every 4 adults experiences a diagnosable mental health problem in any given year. This silent and unspoken illness needs your support to make improvements. This project aims to tackle the stigma associated with this universal topic and aims to encourage people to talk about their feelings and emotions because this can help.

Other supportive projects set by luxury British fashion brand Cunnington & Sanderson such as the #wearemotionchallenge continues to raise metal health awareness and has previously raised much appreciated donations for charities including MIND, The Samaritans and the Mental Health Foundation.

You can also show support simply by liking and commenting on the story tellers posts and sharing them onto your own stories which will raise awareness, start a conversation and spread the word about this worthy project. This is free and only takes a click of a button to help.

Here is a preview of images from the first story teller Robyn Gamston.

Cunnington & Sanderson are very excited to announce that the first pillow narrative short film by Robyn Gamston will be posted on instagram @cunningtonandsanderson on Saturday the 26th August at 6pm. We hope you will tune in to watch, like, comment and share, and of course to talk about emotions. The hashtags to follow #pillownarrative #mentalhealthawareness #pillowtshirt #cunningtonandsanderson

More pillow narrative's will be posted soon. To be continued...

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