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Wear Emotion Challenge

Cunnington & Sanderson are renowned for designing contemporary clothes that embody emotional symbolism.

The pillow top from the occupied collection is currently on display at Bankfield Museum @belonging_fashion_exhibition.

This emotive garment was designed to help break the stigma about mental health by creating awareness.

Occupied collection by Cunnington & Sanderson, photography Rafael Kroetz, muah Sabine Nania, Model Zoe Herveva.

Thanks to Abraham Moon & Sons, Leeds Museums & Galleries & Leeds Arts University.

Feelings of optimism are draped into their designs with skilled craftsmanship and creative pattern cutting. As emotions are revealed Cunnington & Sanderson now invite us all to take part in the physical act of wearing them.

Take on the #wearemotionchallenge

Anyone can take part, grab some clothes, fabric or things you can find around you and wear them in an unconventional way that expresses how you feel. Try wearing clothes Inside out, back to front or upside down - be creative and have fun.

Post your picture or film on Instagram or tiktok and tag @cunningtonandsanderson and hashtag #wearemotionchallenge.

Feeling overwhelmed Feeling like i'm going backwards

We all know how important it is to talk about our feelings, 'its ok not to be okay'. Give the challenge a go, raise mental health awareness and you too can make someone smile.

Challenge start date - Saturday 25th of September at 6pm - until further notice. Cunnington & Sanderson are hoping you and your family and friends will take part. You can support this worthy cause to raise mental health awareness by posting your picture wearing emotion. Share, like, and comment on other peoples challenge posts and also make a donation to charity if you can.

We will share post's on our social media and put the post's on our news blog page on our website -

For inspiration try the #garmentsmile - see above - this could be done with other garments too :) this is something every one can try to wear emotion.

1 Put your jumper on with your face showing through the head opening

2 lift a sleeve inside with the cuff resting under your chin

3 turn the cuff back and create your garment smile.

Take a photo and post on social media, please tag @cunningtonandsanderson





We look forward to seeing your smile.

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