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Wear Emotion Challenge Supporters

Wear Emotion Challenge by Cunnington & Sanderson feeling invisible for Mental health Awareness

Sometimes I feel invisible by Cunnington & Sanderson.

The #wearemotionchallenge began in September 2021 set by Cunnington & Sanderson @cunningtonandsanderson and they plan to continue to help fight the stigma surrounding mental health until further notice. The aim of the challenge is to raise mental health awareness, to talk about emotions, and to support others.

The wear emotion challenge supporters have already successfully raised funds for charities including Mental Health Foundation, Mind, and the Samaritans with thanks to the kind and inspiring participants. The British design duo hope with your kind, encouraging and creative support, this powerful and emotive movement will continue to grow and make a positive difference to peoples lives.

"There are so many stories that clothes can tell."

Mental Health Awareness is also being created with Special thanks to Bankfield museum @bankfieldmuseum and the amazing curators of the Belonging: Fashion and a Sense of Place exhibition where Cunnington & Sanderson currently have on display sustainable and thought provoking garments which invite the museum visitors to take part in the challenge. Located in Halifax and on display until March 2022.

In January 2022 the emotive challenge has been featured in the Yorkshire Living Magazine with thanks to Catherine Turnbull @catherine_turnbull_writer.

"Clothes can express how you feel and tell your story."

So far the wear emotion challenge and the #garmentsmile has been met by a wide range of kind and thoughtful individuals and families and expressed there feelings in an inspiring, powerful and heartfelt manner. Participants include editors, fashion stylists, photographers, models, illustrators, designers, writers, creators, and people from of all ages and backgrounds.

What emotion do you feel from the images? take a look on the Instagram hashtag #wearemotionchallenge to see if your right.

Cunnington & Sanderson hope these image will inspire you to participate. Please like, comment and share peoples creative post's.

"Simply by taking and posting a picture wearing an emotion and expressing how you feel can help raise mental health awareness and show others that they are not alone."

Cunnington & Sanderson now invite you, your friends and your family to take part in this worthy challenge. Post a picture on Instagram wearing an emotion and show how you feel, talk about mental health and support others now by simply posting a picture. Tag #wearemotionchallenge and @cunningtonandsanderson. Please like,comment and share the challenge post's to also show encouragement for others. You may even make someone smile, what a truly wonderful gift.

Cunnington & Sanderson want to say a huge sincere thank you for all of the kind and inspiring support so far. The challenge has received truly encouraging and heartfelt messages, illustrations, charity contributions, photographs, images and art.

Matthew & I whole heartedly appreciate every single participant. It truly is the taking part that counts, Thank you.

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