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Triple axel dress
Weavers top & weavers skirt
Avlan dress
Nest dress
Echelon top & loop skirt
Balance jumper & avocet skirt
Avlan dress
Circular top & remix skirt
Rotation top & axial skirt
Circular dress
Echelon top & loop skirt
Echelon dress
Wren dress
Bounding top & keyhole touser
Echelon dress
Wren dress
Spiral top & swoop skirt
Flight dress


In this house lives a weaver bird,

it spends every moment of every day collecting fabric to weave together.


Fluid drape works harmoniously with unexplained tension,

Form is organically crafted by the body of the wearer.

Sustainable zero-zero waste designs are incorporated to be environmentally friendly by creating minimal or no waste during the construction process.


Irregular draping and innovative cutting express a sense of unbalance, creating unique clothes that appear somewhere between object and garment. All meticulously made in Britain.

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