Dress for life
Farmers shirt & pleated trouser
Farmers shirt & harvest skirt
Corn dress
Blanket dress
The farmers shirt & pleated trousers
Tri rosette blouse & blanket skirt
Bag pocket gilet & pleated trouser
Blanket top & pleated trouser
Farmers 100% cotton long shirt
Blanket top & pleated trouser
The blanket top and farmers shirt
Bag pocket coat & sow seed skirt
Farmers shirt & bag pocket culottes
Blanket dress & farmers shirt
The farmers dress
The rosette dress
Square coat dress
The rosette top & sow seed skirt

Throw caution to the wind...

Unwanted plastic bags become refined into permanent pockets.

Sustainability has a huge influence in these garment designs. The 'dress for life' has a life-size functional carrier bag pocket, which is draped into the whole silhouette of the dress. The bag handle is positioned as the pocket opening. The design is to highlight the damaging effects plastic carrier bags have on the environment and how the fashion industry has a responsibility to making improvements. The luxury womenswear clothes made by ethical British brand Cunnington & Sanderson are designed for longevity and to be cherished, The dress for life also promotes the importance of slow fashion.

Silent field sculptures


Silent field sculpture’s surrounded by space filled with stillness.

Time continues, with movement only from the endless shifting silhouettes.

Multi layered loose fabrics, garment patterns and abandoned objects are blown together haphazardly by the wind into unbalanced structures.

3 dimensional clothes become 2 dimensional once again.

Deconstructed shirts appear hollow, empty and soulless, with no structure remaining,

only frailty and hidden detailing of what once was. 

Unwanted plastic bags become refined and recycled into permanent pockets.

There is only one purpose, to protect. 

Warning flashes of vivid yellow flicker with engulfing void of black. 

Small, medium & large checks bound together as one, enhancing confusion and distortion to the viewer.

Beware of bellowing volumes that transfigures when worn.

Reinforced horizontal shoulder lines, drape and form.

Expressionless faces hide emotions.