Flight Dress
Weavers Top & Weavers Skirt
Echelon Top & Axial Skirt
Radial Dress
Avocet Dress
Spiral Top & Swoop Skirt
Echelon Dress
Glide Jumper & Remex Skirt
Weavers Cardigan
Avlan Dress
Nest Dress
Wren Dress

The weaver birds is an alternative display of 'the weavers' collection in a artistic and sculptural format.

Each and every garment in this collection by CUNNINGTON & SANDERSON is draped by hand with the use of skilled craftsmanship, sensitivity, and creative cutting. With the use of a sculptural like technique, each piece of cloth is placed on the body and folded, re positioned and strategically placed to create a garment that is unique, timeless and captures the characteristics of the fashion narrative.


The luxury womenswear clothes  highlight the beauty of the drape-lines which are designed to flow effortlessly around the body of the wearer. 

The weavers collection is inspired by majestic birds, there flight paths, and how they build there homes.